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I have a D70 and have recently experienced what I believe to be (what is known as) the blinking green light of death.

I turned on my camera, battery was at least 1/2 charged, and the memory card access light began to blink and blink and blink. I turned off the camera, removed the battery, reseated it, turned on the camera and then ... nothing. No readouts of any kind. No menus, no in-viewfinder info, no lcd readout, nothing.

I believe this issue falls under the Service advisory put out by Nikon. (
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It is my understanding that Nikon will cover this repair even if the camera is out of warranty.

I've been without my camera for a week now and expect, between repair and shipping back to me, it will be another two weeks before I will have my baby back in my hands.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


I don't have a D70, but on, they can't seem to stop talking about this BGLOD. I think you'll find a healthy resource of information there about turn-around times, etc.


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[I have a D70 that was orderd the day it came out ... and in January of this year it went back for frame clipping and was fixed by Nikon under warranty. Then in August (out of warranty), after using it very little since repaired I got BGLOD and returned it reminding nikon of the prior warranty need. They repaired it at no charge. It was out of my hands about 3 weeks. They updated the firmware and cleaned it, also at no charge. I have loaned it to a friend and asked him to really use it a lot. I will know in about a month how it performs after the Nikon service this time.