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Bob Shellbs Contax lens to Canon body adapter


New Member
Hello everybody!
Being a user of the Canon gear I've always been curious to try the best 35mm optics on the best digital body. Recently I've discovered there is an adapter by Bob Shell (
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), which makes this combination work. So my question is: does anybody have any experience using this thing?
Thanks in advance.


New Member
I just learned about this lens converter today after having a chance to look over the new Canon EOS 10D camera. The thought of having to sell my Contax cameras and Zeiss lenses to buy this very attractive digital camera was quite discouraging. Then learning of this converter renewed my interest -- I could at least keep my Zeiss lenses without having to buy a set of Canon lenses. My questions about the converter are the following:
On the EOS auto focus cameras, do you have to set the camera to manual focus with the converter?
Do you need a converter for each Zeiss lens or is the converter easily switched from one lens to another? Since the converters cost $150 each, I hope easy mounting is possible.
I, too, hope someone responds to your question.


Well-Known Member

Perhaps you can maintain both systems, like I do. I've yet to order the Shell adapter, but can say that MF on EOS is controlled by the lens, so attaching the C/Y lens is no problem.

There are two significant drawbacks. First, metering is stop-down like an ancient Spotmatic. Second, the D30/D60/10D DSLRs have a fresnel screen (not ground glass), and the focussing aids are nonexistent. I don't relish long lenses or wide apertures with this setup.

Finally, I understand the locking mechanism requires a tool, so dedicating an adapter to each lens in the field is recommended. Do us both a favor and buy one -- we need a local guinea pig!


New Member
Thanks for the information -- very useful. Although I was very impressed with the 10D, I think I'll restrain myself. I really don't fancy the 1.6 increase in effective focal length which pretty much wipes out wide angle shots unless you obtain an expensive super wide lens. I think, for now, it might be more fun watching the action on evolving digital SLRS from the sidelines. The competition is sure to produce more features at better prices.