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Boy Through Open Lens


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Thanks Uwe.

Taking Klaus' advice for a small budget, the lens is a Vivitar 28mm 1:2.5 on m42 adapter, purchased cheap on e-Bay. I wanted something faster than the 18-50mm kit lens for doing portraits without flash in lower light conditions. (Though these two shots could have been done with the kit lens, too.)

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Hi Notalent,

congratulations to the VIVITAR. It is a very sharp and fast lens ... very nice to have.

This is mine with the Polish M42-adapter in the foreground. As I told you, it is optically wonderful (even at full aperture). Those who like to work manually will like it a lot. (...though automatic exposure in (A) mode perfectly works with all SIGMAs).

Sample 5.jpg

Here another low budget / high image quality recommendation:

REVUENON: 135mm / F:2.8

Sample 6.jpg

Your pictures:

Nicely done ... I like pic 2 best! Just one thing:

Watch your colours. your white balance does not really hit the nail! :)


boy2.jpg boy2b.jpg

Colours should be balanced from too much yellow to more blue ... for my taste. Skin tones in particular say "thank you". ;)

Go on shooting!!

See you with nice (and affordable!) pictures


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Girl through 50mm REVUENON F: 1.9

Me again ....

another low budget / high image quality recommendation is the above mentioned M42 lens. It is anextremely sharp and very fast lens that can really compete with modern stuff.

The early REVUENON 50/1.9 was later in the 70s replaced by a 1.8 version.

Since I do not have the 1.8 ... I rather recommend the early 1.9 ... it's brilliant.

SD14 / Girl through the REVUENON 1.9 / 50

Sample 11.jpg crop.jpg

Be very careful with anything faster than 1.7!! Most of the old 1.4 lenses are expensive and bad ... not worth the money.

See you with nice pictures



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Thanks very much, Klaus. My picture looks much better with correct white balance! I'll pay closer attention from now on.

Also, the Revuenon advice is timely because I've sold my otherwise useless Pentax K-mount SMC 50mm 1.4 so I could buy an m42 in 50mm. The 135mm looks attractive too.

And you took such a beautiful picture with your Revuenon.