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bracket ?


New Member
excuse my ignorance....., but I can't figure how to do bracktet-shooting with my K10D. I found the extended bracketing allright, but not the exposure bracketing, that I wish to use for HDR.
Would anyone explain?
When in manual mode I can set and view in the small lcd screen to either off, or 3/5 picturesas well as the steps. But nothing happens when 'on', except the ordinary picture.


New Member
Page 163 of your manual instructs you on how to use the exposure bracket. Hold down the exposure bracket button and turn your front e-dial. Then choose either 3 or 5. After setting that, hold down the exposure bracket button again, and this time turn the rear e-dial to give you the amount of expsosure intervals you wish to set.


New Member
Thanx Brian, but I sussed it meanwhile :
When in ordinary bracket-mode you need to keep the exp.button pressed down until all three pics are made.
when in extended bracket-mode the function is automatic.
Hence my confusion as I got to the extended mode first.....

By the way 120 viewer passed here, before I got an answer.....