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Broken Glass in my SD14


Well-Known Member
As noted by others and myself, I needed to clean my SD14's imager.

I followed the manual, first pass was OK but one large bit only was moved.

Did a second pass and while seating the IR blocking filter, it fractured, not just with a crack, I had pieces.

I removed the frame and glass shards but noted particles on the mirror.

I blew those off, but am concerned about other particulates that I can't see.

Suggestions and help will be appreciated.


Well-Known Member

I would use your rocket blower for about 3 to 5 mins with the camera upside down blowing into it...and just shoot the rocket nozzle in different directions inside the interior of the camera...

or (But be very careful...not to get residue or bits of the subzero mixture on the glass...will put micro pits in it)...

Lightly use can air turn the camera upside down...and blow it into the area with 1 sec bursts....just be careful...on the flip side the sensor has a protective piece of glass on it....under the shutter you should be good....the piece you broke you can buy from sigma for about $40.00....I can send you my contacts email...and she takes a credit card over the phone....I don't have it at home but at work tomorrow...I can send that too you...

This is what the camera looks like apart...


This is the sensor housing...


This is what the sensor casing looks long as you don't apply pressure you will be fine...

Just be careful....hope this helps you out..

Tony C.


Well-Known Member
Thanks Tony,

I had the SD14 facing down as I used my blower to puff out the glass particulates. Since my desk lamp was facing me with the SD14 held in between, I was able to see light glinting off the glass particles as they fell from the camera.

Looking through the viewfinder, I see nothing remaining on the mirror. My concern was the potential migration into the mechanical components.

I do have canned air, but want to avoid using it for risk of liquid spraying into the camera. From my work with electronics, I know that residue is hell to clean.

Yes, I would appreciate your Sigma contact to order a replacement filter.

Thank again for a quick response.


New Member
I broke my IR filter about a month ago. There were a few glass shards inside, I basically just shook them out and blew it out with compressed air with no consequences. I find that it is safe to use compressed, canned air, as long as you first start spraying away from the camera and then make gentle passes past the opening. This way the liquid in the compressed air is less likely to come out. I have been using it this way for years with all of my DSLR's...

Good luck!


Well-Known Member
I just got off the phone with CRIS Photo.

The replacement Hot Mirror/dust protector, what CRIS and Sigma refer to as the Filter Holder Unit, Part Number C237ML0 will cost me $72.00, UPS Ground shipping included.

In a few days, I'll have my SD14 back in full operation.


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Wow they went-up.....I picked one up at the beginning of the year for $45.00...

I guess everything is moving up in price....:z02_deal:

Tony C.


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I received my replacement filter on June 12th and here's my first photo after, cautiously, getting it installed:


Yup, a work photo of an electronic demo board. Not the most interesting but it does show all is back to normal. :) And no dust on the imager ;)

Hmmm, I just noted that the file size limit for JPGs has been reduced.


Well-Known Member

Tony sent his SD14 off for a customization where the optical window over the imager was replaced by a broad spectrum transmissive optical window. Tony's goal is to maximize the SD14's sensitivity to light that our eyes can't see.

I believe the disassembled SD14 photos were of the camera in a clean room setting undergoing the customization.