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Burning Incense


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Hi all,

SD14, 28-80, frankincense.


  • bw incense 5.JPG
    bw incense 5.JPG
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Thanks Uwe!
Black and white images on the Foveon have such a filmy quality to them.
What I usually do is set the saturation to all the way to the left, or at least to 1.9. And set the color spectrum usually deep to the yellow or red, depending on what color is most prominent in the image. Not sure if there's a set standard way to go about creating B/W images in SPP but I usually eyeball it that way. Boosting contrast and darkening the shadows and highlights too.
And the Frankincense is from Yemen, it's really good smelling stuff. I prefer it to the liquid air freshners that come in the spray cans.


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Very nice effect...nice contrast and good choice of lighting....

Well done..

Tony C.


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Great photo

I especially like the strictly vertical backdrop contrasting with layers and the subtle movement of the whisps of smoke. Thanks for sharing a great photo.