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C5050 with an Eagle Eye


New Member
Has anyone used an Olympus C5050 with an Eagle Eye 5x lens ?

I have been shooting for two years with a Nikon 990 and a Nikon 995 using the above lens. I have an opportunity to sell the 995 and upgrade to
a Olympus C5050Z. There are several reasons for doing this:

1- A step up from 3 Megapixels to 5.
2- I no longer would have to deal with proprietary batteries.
3. I could use the optical viewfinder with the Eagle Eye, a great help inrapid finding of the subject with the Eagle Eye.
4- I would have a working remote control.

I spent approximately three hours in a camera store with the Eagle Eye lens mounted on the C5050 trying to get a picture that does not have vignetting at the edges. So far I have been unsuccessful. However this to me is a new
camera and therefore I may not know all the setting. Any suggestions would
be appreciated.

J. William Marr
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603