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C5060 Remote Operation


The C5060 includes a remote that is provided by design to permit the photographer to include him/herself in the picture. It seems to me that an even more useful purpose would be to have the remote operate the shutter from any position. As designed, the remote must be held in front of the camera and pointed at the receiver. A two-second delay enables the photog to get his arm out of the way of the picture but the camera beeps and a light flashes. This doesn't work too good when you want to take pictures of something that doesn't want to remain still - birds for instance. Would'nt it be nice to place the receiver so that the remote could trigger it from almost anyplace and do away with the blinking light and the long delay? I don't expect a solution except on the part of Olympus in some future design. For now, I will learn to get along with the camera's vagaries.