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C765 computercamera transfer


New Member
Hi all!

Just wondering if there is a way to transfer pictures from the computer to the c-765 cameras xD-card?
There is no problem transferring non-edited pictures back to c-765 that have once been in the c-765.
The problem is when I want to transfer edited pictures in let's say Photoshop back to c-765.

Is there some format I have to save it to, to be able to transfer pictures into the c-765?
Jpeg dcf says the manual, but I can't find any software that support that.
I get "Picture error" in c-765 when using ordinary jpeg format...

I think it would be nice to be able to save a few edited pictures in the c-765 and take it with me.


New Member
OK then, I figured it out myself.
In Camedia Master software, open up your picture and edit it. Then save it as exif-jpg.

Then it is just drag and drop to the connected camera drive.

Now, if this only was available in Photoshop. Cause Camedia Master interface kind of sucks...