C8080 noise and speed



at 400 asa my pictures have been really disappointing. at or below 100 asa results have been magnificent. can anyone tell me why a nice camera like the C8080 cannot take great pictures throughout its range? <> i would also like to know how to utilize the 1/4000 second shutter speed on the camera. under what conditions can that speed be used?


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The answer, Clarence, is unfortunately quite simple - NO 8 mgp point and shoot performs acceptably well at 400 iso because the sensor is - in reality - too damn small to deliver good results at 8 mgp. The C8080 is no different from its competitors in this respect. As you note, the results at lower ISOs are really stunning - I'd say that up to 160 the results are excellent, and they're acceptable up to about 200 or so. But outdoors in good light - or with flash - I can use the C8080 professionally and know I'll get excellent results.