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Cable release for contax 159mm



Can somebody tell me what kind of cable release or name is compatible with my contax 159mm.I have the cable release for 137ma and 139Q but i dont know if its compatible with my 159mm thanks


Hi Andrei

The standard Contax cable switch (comes in 10cm, 30cm and 100cm lengths) all work with the 167MT.
This is a black control strip with a button and lock-up (for time exposures).

I think this is true for the 167MT, Aria, ST,RTSIII, and possibly the others.

The RTSIII and the S2(b) take a traditional push-plug type cheapy mechanical plunger. You're advised not to try and hook a non-Contax cable switch to your 167MT - it won't fit and it might damage it.

I've no idea about the 137MA/Q/159 - they came before my time. It might be better to try posting this request in the Accessories forum?

Best wishes,