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Cable release for MA 137


Can somebody tell me what cable release I need for the MA137? Do the L-series cable releases work? Also, I've read somewhere that an infra-red remote shutter system exists. Does anybody know anything about this and if it is still available.?

many thanks and kind regrards to you all



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Hi Ashley

You need an S or L type Cable Release, in any convenient length. There is a photo of the connecting end at ....

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.... which is in .... Contax User Forum » Contax SLR C/Y-mount » Yashica Lenses with C/Y mount » Yashica3.5-5.6/28-210

There are older Contax Infra-red and Radio-remote systems which crop up second-hand every now and again. You can see an ex&le of these (in German) on Dirk's Brochure pages.

See the 1982 System Brochure - page 19.

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I have made several systems for Contax owners that used different trigger mechanisms. Some based on ultra cheap Toy Radio Control cars ( with the receiver stripped out) and others on car-boot sale bought Infra-red devices.

All that is required is an isolated push-to-make switch (e.g. relay) connected to the cable that attaches to the camera. I used a surplus cable release cable on some, discarding the (faulty) push switch. On others, I broke into the cable release cable with a miniature male/female connector, preserving the original cable push switch function. It only requires simple soldering of the 2 core cable.

I do remember accidently running off a roll of film once when one of the prototype radio devices was not shielded and a near-by parked Radio-cab took over control of my camera! The same device proved excellent later controlling the camera at over 100 yards from my hide.

Send private message if such a project appeals to you.

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.