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Announcement Camera-info uses now secure communication URL


Dear members,

we switched today to a secure communication URL. You can see this in your browser. The URL starts now with https:/ instead of the normal http:/

HTTPS stands for „HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure“. It means that the data to communicate with us is encoded and bugproof. The idea behind this is to improve the internet and make it more secure.

Secure for us, because hackers will have it now a lot harder to hack our site, but also for you, i.e. if you make donations or Club-memberships and need to pay with PayPal or Credit Card.:z04_discosmilie: is one of the first private Photo-Communities to start with this! :z02_respekt: :daumenhoch_smilie:

Please are aware that from now on, links and embedded images/videos are technically not possible anymore, if they come from non-secure sites.

Your CI-Team