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Camera Strap for Contax N1



Hello to everybody. I'm new to this site. I just got my N1 from HK. I'm looking for a good camera strap. I don't like the original one. I can't find any store selling the W-50 leather strap. However, it would be really expensive anyway (8000 yen). Does anybody use the original 645 strap (W-40ST) on N1. Would it fit? How does it feel? Is there any other good strap I should consider.


There are many independent strap-makers which offer a multitude of different types superior to the original N1 strap. Just walk into your local photography store and try some out, they are not all that expensive.


The best strap I find is from Leica 'Neoprene Carrying Strap" Mfr Catalog # 42162. It is design for camera and binocular. Cost only $220 HKD.