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Can anyone recommend a good standard Zoom


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I'm looking for a reasonable standard zoom 28-80mm, but do not want to afford the ZEISS.
I do have the Yashica ML 3.5/35-70, which is very good, but I want to have a little bit more (this lens will be for sale, when I have a 28-85, if anyone is interested).

So, can anyone recommend a good quality, reasonable priced zoom?
Perhaps SIGMA or TAMRON.

Any experience ?



Matthias, If you would please let me know how much you would ask for your yashica 35-70ML I may be interested (if you do decide to sell it). Shipping would be to US State of Wisconsin. Please email Thanks
Lynn PS: Avoid the extremely cheap sigma 28-80 3.5-5.6 eos version. I bought it as a very inexpensive lens for travel. While the color was pleasing, the fact that the autofocus broke within months of very limited use, the switch from AF to MF is almost inoperable and it feels like a toy of shiny plastic, did not make me happy.


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Hi....I own the Yashica ML 28-85 and can't live without it. I would say that the only bad thing about this lens is that it is prone to flare but everything else looks good. I think (but I forget right now) that it got reasonable marks on the MTF scores.This is a very solidly built lens. I've never shot with the equivalent Zeiss lens. Anyone ever use both?


Before I could afford Zeiss I bought a Vivitar Series 1 28-105 f:2.8-3.8 macro. Some people on this list have said this lens was terrible, but I was happy with mine (except for vignetting when used with filters). I would happily sell mine now, but the postage to Germany would make this a very bad option for you. On the american eBay, the lens shows up new from time to time for around US$100 ("list price" is 330, the New York discounters ask for US$175); used ones for 45-65. This is all my experience. On the list someone had good things to say about a Tokina "normal" zoom, I don't remember the focal length.



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I still haven't sold my Vivivar Series One 28-105. Asking $80. I live in Russia. If you are interested, please contact me at



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Hi Matthias! I once had a Tokina 28-85 (don't remember the aperture) which was very good. I used it on Minolta and I'm very astonished every time I see the slides I made with this lens. Right now I have the VS 28-85 and I'm satisfied with sharpness and contrast but it is very difficult to protect against scattered light (I do not know the exact word for our german word "Streulicht"). Avoid Sigma 2,8/28-70! I had it in the AF-Version: The lens fell out of the barrel after the warranty period... Martin


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Thanks Martin, I understand "Streulicht" very well, cause I am from Germany, too. Think, "flare" would be an appropriate translation. matthias


I have the now-discontinued Tamron Adaptall zooms 28-85SP and 35-135. Bought both used (but not abused) and would recommend either one. Although the 35-135 is not labeled a high-performance SP lens, I find it to be about as good as the shorter SP, and that is quite good.


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Servus Matthias!

I would recomend a second hand Zeiss zoom, try at Huppert, Wuppertal - little expensive, but has a great collection. IMHO try 35-70, sholud be affordable. I would avoid the "cheap" Sigma, because once You have bought it, You can never sell it because most Contaxarians love their Zeiss quality.

I know You do not want a zeiss, but I would save every Euro to be able to afford one (as I did).



Matthias, At various times I owned two versions of the Yashica 35-to 105 Zoom lens (the DSB version and the ML version) The ML is a finer lens than the DSB. The ML lenses tend to be of very good quality as I am sure you are aware. The first 35-105DSB I gave to a lady friend. I traded my ML 35-105 toward the Zeiss 28-70. I sort of wish I had paid the extra money toward the Zeiss and kept the ML zoom it was such a fine one. occasionaly I see this lens offered for sale on ebay. The prices tend to be quite low, but then again Yashica ML lenses and their quality are one of the best kept secrets around.


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I can confirm what Vincent says......the Yas 35-105 ML is an excellent zoom.

I took some slides once with this lens and a borrowed 35-135 C/Y Zeiss.

I was not disappointed with the Yashica, at 35mm,60mm or 105mm! All shots were on monopod braced against something. I could hardly tell which shots were from which lens when the slides were projected to 6 foot wide. I really had to study the images, long and hard to see the tiny difference. A credit to Yashica, you won't be disappointed with it.

Of course, the Zeiss will show its quality of flare control on shots with the Sun in them!

I can recommend the Yas 80-200ML f4 zoom too!

Cheers, Bob.


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I can recommend the Yas 80-200ML f4 zoom too! Cheers, Bob.

Hi folks, the 4/80-200 is similarto the Tokina 4/80-200 which has been tested in the 80's as a very fine lens which could hardly be beaten by the Zeiss and leica lenses. kind regards Paul


Hi Matthiasl:
Tamron 28-80 f 3.5/4.2 and 35-80 2.8/3.4 are among the best manual zooms which I used since many years and being interchangable adptall, can be used with any gear. As mentioned above 35-135 Tamron is also fine but will not compete with CZ lenses. If someone is on budget those are the best standard zooms and specially SP series of tamron is fine.


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Hi I also recommend the Tamron SP 28-80 MF zoom as a very good lens. The 28-70 (the old one with 62mm filter) is quite good too but not as good as the 28-80. The Tamron 35-135... there are at least 2 versions : I own that one with an additional ring for macro shots and it's surprisingly good ! At least better than the "super-zoom" 28-200/300 mm from Sigma or Tamron which really suffer on distortion. But if you want the Tamron SP 28-80 you'll have to search hard on the 2nd hand market... Good luck ! Paul