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Can I use the 8514 on EOS1V


New Member
Can anybody tell me? What I know is, by using the adaptor, one can only have AV or M mode. My concern is will it do any harm on the camera or lens?


Zeiss-to-Nikon adaptor?

Happy New Year to all Contax Forum users! I was wondering if there's an adaptor that will enable me to use my Zeiss Lenses (AE) on a Nikon (F-Mount)? Any info or experience of this would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Yuske


New Member
TO Francis Leung:
As I know, the 85/1.4 can be well used on EOS 1V, and it won't do any harm on the camera or lens.Using the adpter, the EOS 1V can also measure the light through the lens. I intended to buy a zeiss 85/1.4 for my EOS 1V.
To yuske tanaka:
I got some infomation about the adpters between different cameras, such as ZEISS and NIKON from the website below
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It's very hard to use zeiss lens on NIKON camera body, because it is unable to focus the object very far away.