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Can teleconverters be stacked


I purchased a 70-200 VR Nikkor ED lens last year. Since then, I have purchased both the 1.4 and 2x teleconverters for this lense. (They are the 14eII and 20eII teleconverters.) I want to "stack" them to achieve the greatest possible magnification. But, they do not seem to fit. Am I missing a part? I only did this because I am sure that John Shaw described this process at a seminar. Can anyone help me?


It will be a great concern to me if you cannot do that. I bought the 70-200 AFS VR myself and it is working great! I would however also like to buy the converters at some stage. I'm sure Nikon could have made sure that stacking is possible?


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I wouldn't be surprised if Nikon intentionally made their converters not to stack since you do get some degradation in optical quality and the f stop loss would prevent autofocus. 3rd party converters often will stack and the better ones have surprisingly good quality.

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Perhaps the better approach would be to get the Kenko Pro 3X TC - it passed AF and VR information between lens and camera, it's only one set of connection points, it provides a tad more magnification (3x vs [2x1.4=2.8x]) and optically their 1.4 and 2x TC's are pretty well regarded, so I doubt it's worse than stacking a pair of teles anyway.

just a thought.



Thanks for the suggestion. By the way, does anyone know a number for Nikon USA where I could call and hopefully find out if "stacking" is possible?


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As I've read somwhere in the net there is a nose on the mount of the nikon converters which prrevents the stacking of them. There was a manual, how to remove this nose (cut it of). I would not suggest to do so, because you need to disassemble the mount. The kenko-converters (1.4 and 2x) allow to be stacked.