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Can We Use Sync Cord


Hi, I would like to know that if I can use sync cord with Minolta Maxxum 7 and
dimage A1 to use studio lights, I want to buy a 250 watts Travell kit. So I can
shoot family and single portraits.


Well-Known Member
according to the Minolta site it seems that u can with the A1 -not sure about the Maxxum 7 'tho

"Non-dedicated off-camera flash units can be used using the camera's flash-sync terminal."


There is a regular PC Sync Terminal on the side of the Maxxum 7. Just twist off the cap and you'll see it. You can get a PC Sync cord from
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. They make very good cords. If you want to go wireless, you can try the PocketWizard Digital Radio slave. A good light meter like Sekonic L-358 is recommended to do studio shoot.

I think the wireless flash is non-ttl.


New Member
From my understanding the Maxxum 7 does meter the wireless flash and turns it off when the proper exposure has been determined.