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Canbt find this accessory Where do I go from here


Well-Known Member
I have searched and searched and I just can't find this accessory. I am looking for a filter that improves the composition of the photograph just prior to the shutter activation.

I have looked at the threads that list books on composition. Frankly, I do not want to sit around reading a book on composition. I want it to happen and happen now!

I cannot find this filter at Tiffen, Hoya, Kenko, Domke, Steadicam, Saunders, Zing, Tokina, Cokin, Sunpak, Heliopan and B&W.

Please advise!

Funny, I always thought that filter was located inside the cranium


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Someone at work just told me that the filter is no longer made because Photoshop took over this function.



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Someone is pulling your leg, or you are pulling ours. Composition is a design decision made by the photographer. Unless you mean something other than "composition"

If you do not want to learn about composition then you can continue on being ignorant of the basic principles of "design" and "composition" and no filter or Photoshop will cure that.

The one aid to photographers for in-viewfinder composition is a focusing screen with a grid etched on it, but it is only an aid for those who already know what they are doing.


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I think this comes in the next generation of digital backs - which will also include a large selection of backgrounds for your holiday snaps. For professionals these will be upgraded to more exotic places, of course.


New Member
You can't possibly be talking about 'composition' which is more of a personal vision/decision. Were you perhaps thinking of depth of field preview button, mirror-up function or focus tracking???

Read the manual - cover to cover.