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Cannon FILE viewer Utility help needed



I am trying to do raw conversions with a 5D and version 1.2.1 of Cannon's File viewer utility program. The 5D icon does not appear as an option in the "IMAGE TRANSFER MODE" the only option is the 10D. Procesing raw dta with a 10D camera appears to work without a problem.
Any suggestions why the software cannot see 5D-generated raw images??????


New Member
You MUST update the DPP to 3.02 and use the EOS Utility 2.02 which can be downloaded from ---

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Disregard the File Viewer Utility, it is no longer useful.


Thanks. However this link gives no reference to DPP. It is apparently for the latest firmware updat 1.1.0 which I already have. I would be greatful if you can provide more detail. Also where can I find the 2.02 utility.


I have figured it out!!!! I have Cannon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP) up and running as well as EOS Utility 2.02.
Seems I will be capruring in the RAW format from now on.
Thanks again.