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Canon 5D problem when deleting from camera


New Member
Hi Group,

I am having something strange happen with my Canon 5D. When I am shooting and
the images from the CF card on the camera and I find one that I don't want to
something new is happening. When I press the Trash button the preview turns
off. I don't
get promted to delete or not. Just nothing. When I press the Trash button
again the preview
turns back on.
Any insight?

Thanks in advance,

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If I was you I would go to Canon's website and download the latest version of the firm ware up date. Then load it in to the camera and see if it still happens, if it does send the camera into Canon. Good Luck. Darrin Van Gorder


New Member
> "[here's the final outcome and what I did to solve the matter: > 1. format the CF card (had alreday been doing this each time I load > the card into the camera) > > 2. Reset the Camera settings back to manufacture default > results > > 3. Upgraded the cameras's software from Canon's first > nothing happened...then the next day the problem was solved. So > either there are magical elves fixing the camera overnight, or all > my efforts paid off. Perhaps the new software had to work its way > into the system? > > Strange I know. > > Just wanted update you all and thank the people that responded to > my inquiries. > > > Jessica >
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