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Canon A1



recently I had an opportunity to buy v inexpensively Canon EOS 1n. this would be a change from currently used A1, Motor MA and various lenses. after careful consideration I could not find a single advantage of 1n over my A1. don't get me wrong, there are soem neat bells & whistles such as auto bracketing and auto focus. if you are looking for superb optics look no further than L line of FD lenses. OK, nothing beats Leica quality!!!


I have been in Canon for about 12 years now, from A-1 to EOS3.Canon sure is the leader in tech gimmicks, as i call it for my style of photography, okay.But i believe there would be many canonians who would love see a RE-make of F1, or A1, or AE1 of the new mellnium, a body which takes up FD as well as eos lenses.OR an eos body which takes FD lenses.Or is this just not there in canon blood-line??? Can i pass anything remarkable of my age to my next generation as a
real gift that strives to survive in their times???


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For sometime i've been using my A-1. Wow. Now i have a 533G flash It works with A-1. The switch selector at 100asa indicate the camera will fire at 1/60 at 2.8,5.6 or 11 depending at the position of the switch based on distance. Well to my surprise the viefinder indicates the camera will work at 1/60 but at 3.3,6.3 and 13. This occurs no matter what the ambient light is or what FD lens is on the camera. Currently my power source for the flash are alkaline AA and on the camera a 6V alkaline cell. Has anyone ever had this experience? The original A-1 manual lists the battery for the A-1 as a Mallory PX28 silver oxide cell. Could there be a difference between the silver oxide and the alkaline cells that would alter the esposure f-stop. It seems difficult to find the silver oxide battery now. Any engineers or technicians or experts outthere that can guide me.


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Iam also confused. Iam thinking about buying a beautifull black AL-1. Does this camera have a pc connector?. Will it work with the 533G flash? Help me decide. Thanks.


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> The AL-1 has both a std. PC outlet and a hot shoe just like the other A > series canons. The 533G I remember correctly attaches through the hot shoe just > like my 577G does to allow full dedication with the A series cameras. A tip > on the AL-1 bodies make very sure the battery door is in good condition on the > one you want to buy as this is a very very week spot on this body. MOST are > broken. If you do get a good one be very careful of how you open and close > the door and I would keep the body in the bottom of an ER case to protect the > door.


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Mr. Wahlster, thank you for your pointers about the AL-1. Iam wandering if you got to read my previous posting concerning tha 533G flash and my A-1 viewfinder info. Share your thoughts about my questions concernig a Silver Oxide PX 28 vs. an Alkaline battery. Is there a difference in battery characteristics which could explain my question posted on July,2003. Thank you.


Help!!! I have been trying to take photos with my A1 (twenty+ years old) with the 'A' setting. However this is not working, the button depresses but do not engage. I have to set it to a non 'A' setting (like 5.6) for it to work. This is without the flash. What is wrong and is it possible to get it fixed? I live in Ireland and can find nowone who repairs cameras.


> Try to get info from Canon Website, Shutterbug Magazine, Photo District News, all have websites. I've screwed up lot's of Canon equipment, Canon USA has always fixed it nicely. Try to get into Canon Professional Services. Find out Canon authorized repair services from links on there site. US number for Canon Factory Service is 732-521-7007. Ship it to them or ask there advice. If that's an old number try 516-328-4831 they'll set you in the right direction.


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Canon USA will be of NO help with your A-1 they quite supporting it many years ago. First thing is to make sure you have a new battery. Then make sure the lens is set to A you might also check to see if the stop down lever is pushed in. Do you have a copy of the manual? If not go to:
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