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Canon CP100



Can anybody tel me something about the results with the Canon CP-100 Card Photo Printer compared with results of bubblejet or inkjetprinters? I am interested to buy one for my Ixus V3...
Frank Lindeman


Hi Frank

I've heard only good things about the CP-100 but, for only an extra £80 or so (UK) you might look at Canon's i950 bubblejet printer. I'm producing prints at A4 and on 4"x6" Canon Photo Paper Pro which I wouldn't have believed possible if I hadn't printed them myself. With the i950 you'll get the best of all worlds and be knocked out by your prints! The i950, like the CP-100 can be hooked up directly to your camera. I read some rave reviews on the i950 on
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where I simply typed in a search for i950. They mostly suggested that the i950 produced Photo Lab quality prints. That's my experience of it too. Good luck!