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Canon EOS 30Elan 7E



Dear Expert,

I am new with Elan 7E camera and would like to ask if some one can answer few questions.
I am not familier with modern auto focus Canon metering system. (I did read what I can in the internet)

1) When taking wedding photos indoor and out doors, what is the best way to set up exposure and flash compensation? flash+2 only or also exposure +2 or other what other set up will work?

2) Is it correct that when using Elan 7 out doors when it is dark, camera will reduce ambient expousre at the back by 1 f stop? if so what do I do to make it right other than using exposure compensation all the time.

3) When taking pictures with flash 420 ex, what would be a best method, or just use evaluative meteirng mode?

If possible, please email me at jhy_chao@hotmail, and please send kind message only please.

Thank you