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Canon EOS 33 Elan 7



I am planning to buy a Canon EOS 30/33.
Can any experienced user throw some light on the pros and cons of the camera ?
See my post on EOS 7e; for the cons, and add that vibration is a little bit high. It's a very nice camera in most respects. See the reviews at


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Oh! There are no post here!
I want to know that if I made midroll change, at the 2. time when I put the roll in the camera, will camera take the film to the first unposed film?


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Hello Mdardeniz: Here is how you make a midroll re-wind, and then when you want to finish that roll to return to the frame you stopped at:
(1) You have to be in creative zone to do this.
(2) Set C-Function-2 at #1 value. (This will leave the pigtail *out* of the canister when you rewind).
(3) Activate the midroll-rewind button.
(4) When rewind is complete, remove the canister and make a note which frame was last exposed.
(1) Have your lens cover installed (no light gets in from lens).
(2) Cover the viewfinder eyepiece (no light gets in from viewfinder).
(3) Reload the partially-used canister just like you would a new roll.
(4) Activate the shutter button until you are at least one frame past the last one you exposed before. Remove the lens cover and eyepiece cover and you are ready to go.
*Note* It might be a good idea to reset C-Function-2 back to setting "0", so when you finish with your roll it will now rewind the pigtail back into the canister. That way you will not confuse an exposed roll with a new one.
Good Luck!


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My 1st post! (looks like I've found another great forum to fill my online time :)

I recently ordered a Canon Elan 7ne (it's on the UPS truck and due to be delivered within hours). The Canon web site raves on the camera. The comercial websites that sell it rave on this camera. I've seen one review that also raves on the camera.

Why no more personal reviews??? I understand it's a fairly new camera and only been out for a short time but is anyone buying it?

Maybe it's just that my money is spent, I don't have my new "toy" and I can't get anyone to tell me I did the right thing blues.

Guess there is a bright side ... I'll be one of the 1st to give it a review when I get it and shoot a few rolls.

OH OH ... I hear a truck coming down the road ...
I have one. I did post of Photgraphy Review. I think you made a good choice. I traded off a Nikon N80 for mine and find it to be a little nicer all around. My motivation was not that I was unhappy with the N80, but that I had a G5 digital and I was very impressed by the flash system. Since I needed to upgrade the N80's flash anyway, it was the same net cost to get the Elan 7N and share flash. In the process, I did get an upgrade in the camera.

I'd think that most of Canon's sales are in digital now. I'm moving that way, but I find that film still has advantages for me if large quantities of shots are involved. Like the 700 I took on a recent trip to France.

My longer term plan is to get a Canon D-SLR and share lenses and flash between the two SLR's. But I'm going to wait for Canon's next generation of digital SLR's. (or a big price cut in the 10D)

I've only had the Elan 7N a short time, but so far, I'm pleased. It's very quiet. The flash system with the 420EX (I also have a 220EX) is amazingly good. I'm glad to have mirror lock up again, and the controls are logical and easy to use. Focusing is very fast (that was supposed to be one of the improvements) and it focuses accurately and quickly with my 70-300 f/4-5.6 and a 1.4x multiplier. That's f/8, and it works well even though it's not supposed to work above f/5.6.

I did get the SB-300 battery grip with the camera, and it really helps to stabilize long lenses. You don't need it with the 28-105 lens, but if you want to use a 70-300 or longer lens, it helps a lot. It also has vertical controls.

This is really interesting. What I'm really after is a direct comparison between the 7 and 7n models. Is the change in focussing speed well worth the money or is the difference just marginal? Things like that. Is it a really noticeable step up in function/performance to the person who's used both.
THere is a real difference, but if I had a 7 or 7E it is not worth upgrading. But if I were buying a first body, I would pay the difference to get the 7N.

I liked the 7 better than the Nikon N80, but not enough to overcome the cost advantage to me to be able to use an AF lens and multiplier and the Nikon flash I already had. If the 7N had been around when I made that decision, I would have gone for the 7N over the N80. I hope that helps. It's not exactly a direct comparison.

I appreciate the information. I chose the 7e over the N80 simply because I didn't like the feel of the Nikon in my hand; otherwise I considered them pretty much equivalent. I was kind of hoping somebody who'd upgraded from the 7's to the n's could tell me "wow, what a difference," or "pretty much the same thing", according to what they thought. But probably everybody's like me: waiting for somebody else to be the guinea pig.
Hola Amigos!

One year ago I was in the same situation coosing system between Canon and Nikon, Yes, I said "system" because you are getting married with this. I decided towards Canon and the Elan 7E was the winner, after reading reviews and asking to different photo stores the chance to test them.
I choose Canon because there are more stores with some like a price war and also with more accesories available. Also the Elan 7e has more flexibility than Nikon. Lenses come in different levels of price an quality and the third party suplliers make prices fall.

I bougth flashes from METZ a better price with comparable performance than 550EX and I very happy with this arsenal.
Coming to the Digital era I bring to home the Rebel Digital and all accesories work with it including the remote control (Cable and wireless) and, of course lenses.

Compatibility Ok
Quality Ok
Price Ok
What else can I ask?


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Thanks Jerry!

I had asked on another Canon forum which 35mm Canon was similar to the 10D, which I bought last summer. Everyone pointed me to the Elan 7. Doing a little research, I saw they were coming out with the 7N/7NE and by the time I decided to get a film camera again it had just become available.

Nothing will replace my 10D (short of me hitting the lottery) and that will go every where I go but I decided, seeing I have all these nice lenses I'd try some film. Doing a search on film, I'm amazed at all the great varieties of film out there. Lots of new stuff! And I've heard people say film is dead ... HA!

I also miss wide angle shots and it seems such a waste paying for a 17-40 L and not getting wide angle with the 10D. The 7NE will be a compliment to my 10D (now if I can just make some money to pay for my addiction, err, I mean hobby :)

Well, I waited for the UPS truck to arrive but it hadn't arrived before I had to leave for work. I'm picturing a brown box, sitting all alone on the kitchen table just waiting for me ... Only 2 hours to go ... 1 hour 59 minutes ...


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I've been reading this forum on new Canon film cameras and telling myself that I need to use what I have before doing much more buying! I have owned the Canon Rebel 2000 for about 3 years now and just bought the Digital Rebel (300d). My most recent trip took me to the Ozarks of Missouri where I found myself playing mostly with the new digital Canon. I intend to keep both digital and film working because I participate in a camera club where I can compete with slides and then use the digital images for prints.

I'm convinced that there is still good reason to work with both. I mentioned in another Canon forum that I recently bought the Sigma 500 DH Super flash for about half of the cost of the Canon 550EX and am finding it an excellent alternative.

I am about to purchase extension tubes to increase the usefulness of my macro lens. Has anyone used a non Canon set of extension tubes and found them to work as well? I notice that there is quite a difference in price.

Thanks for your comments, Mary Lou
My wife and I recently took a two week trip to France. I took the G5 and S-50 digitals and shot a total of 704 pictures. Very good results. But it ovewhelmed my computer. I had planned on putting all the shots into a Video CD slide show, but that wasn't working. So off I went to find a local processor who could print them for me. I was not about to print 600+ pictures at home. Ritz took on the job, but the local store didn't have the best gear, so they shipped it off to the next town over where they had a better set up. They did a good job, but got them badly mixed up. So then I had to sort through all the pictures, check for any missing shots and get them in order before they could begin to go into a scrap book.

We returned from the trip on the 4th of May and the pictures are still not in an album because of all the time spent screwing around. Bottom line is that film would have been more convenient. But for smaller batches of up to 50 shots or so, that I can conveniently print at home, digital is much preferred for the speed and spontaneity.

So I see film and digital coexisting here for a long time to come. Film for the large volumes I shoot on trips, digital for smaller batches and for the shots I really want to work with on the PC. I do have a slide and negative scanner, but digital is so much more convenient for PC input, and no dust on the negatives to deal with.



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Jerry, a friend who is working entirely in digital format, uses
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for all his digital printing. His digital camera has less than 4 megapixels, yet his enlargements put into competition are spectacular. You might check into this source for printing where you don't want to do your own.

I, too, have a film scanner (Nikon Coolscan IVed) which I have used in the past for printing from slides, but I agree with you that there is no way that a scanned image can compete with a digital one when it comes to "cleanliness". Just dust ever in storing it!

Mary Lou


Mary Lou,
As there is no glass involved in extension tubes I can not see that it would make a lot of difference