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Canon EOS 5 EOS A2E


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I have a eos 5 and a speedlite 540 ez - I would like to know if there is any discription of what you can and can not do with this combination it is not covered in the manual for the eos 5 ( only shows the 430 ez) and i dont have the manual for the 540 ez. Has anyone in this forum used it in any special way ++ special results - I use primarly 20-35 mm wide zoom and 100 macro - regards Ruben


Hello guys,
I am an EOS 3 user, and I wanna get a second backup body. Friends recomended the EOS 5 but someone told me that this body has no remote control..?! Is it true?


I have the Japanese eos 5 with the date back. I'm pretty sure that this model and the American model have the same remote, the 60T3. It's not wireless though..


Hi Ruben,

I can't answer your question directly, but I suggest you take a look at this extremely comprehensive FAQ on Canon EOS flash, you answer will almost certainly be in there somewhere:

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The EOS-5 does have a remote control socket, but it has a different fitting than the EOS-3 and 1v. I started with a 5 and bought a 3 as a second body, and very rapidly decided to get rid of the 5. They are just a little bit too dissimilar and I found myself getting caught out a lot of the time. If you have the money, consider a second EOS-3, there are lots available for reasonable money right now, as everyone is in a frenzy to buy the 10D. I've upgraded, but to a 1v not a digital body. If you're based in the UK then I'd be happy to sell you my barely-used EOS-3 for a good price. Mail me directly if you're interested.

Best regards,

-= mike =-


Can someone be so kind to e-mail me the Customfuntions or send me a link where I can find them please ??