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Canon EOS 7



I bought an EOS 7e about a year ago. I've been very pleased with the camera. It's not a pro-level camera in the sense of durablity, but the construction is quality nonetheless, and the light weight is very nice. So far I have the cheap but excellent 50mm f1.8, the (also cheap, but surprisingly well-made) EF 28 f2.8 and, to splurge, the 100mm f2.0 (awesome). Having been in imaging professionally for decades, I ignore the amateur "picture modes" and use mainly manual and aperture -preferred AE. At times I find the 7-point autofocus useful, but generally use the center point only, since it has a crosshair sensor and thus is more reliable. The metering system is good. I find the option of linking the metering to the focus point works well. It takes some practice and intuition to know which metering mode to use in given situations. I find the partial-area metering more useful for general picture-taking situations than a true spot meter, which lends itself to slow and careful work, but will throw you off in rapid work. I haven't found the eye-activated focus especially useful yet, although it works as it's supposed to. The nicest thing about the camera is the rapid way of changing aperture with the thumb wheel on the back, and shutter speeds with a finger near the shutter release (all in manual mode). The only downsides of the camera that come to mind are:
1.) Only being able to select half-stops with the aperture.
2.)The way of turning the camera on and off. Contax is much better, with the switch surrounding the shutter release.
3.) The fact that the outer, single-direction AF sensors are not configured diagonally, the way some other makers do it (Nikon, Minolta), which increases the chances of grabbing onto something that can be focussed on, so you can rely on those sensors more.
I like the way the Canon operating system works so well that I would buy a D-60 if I could afford it.