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Canon FD 85mm f12 L vs CZ 85mm f12



what does everybody think? is the Canon FDn 85mm f1.2 L any good? I am especially interested in this manual version as it seems to be good value (comapred to the CZ and Canon's EOS versions).




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The FD lens is not an eos lens with manual focus!
I understand there is an FD-EOS adapter, but I have heard it's limited in the range of lenses as it has an optical element it. Perhaps someone else can correct me.


ahh ok. thanks for enlightening me. i shall look into it more.


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Hi antony, I have owned the EOS flavor EF 1.2/85 L for many years. What I did not like: Autofocus was f... slow (on an EOS 620) and manual focusing did not work at all with my Revision of this lens (but some later S/N might be able to do manual override) , and this kind of lens is very sensitive to flare. I think the other to lenses you mentioned flare a lot too. The older FD 1.2/85mm L needs an old T90 body as mentioned.
Finally I found myself stepping down usually to f/8 and f/11 for depth of field. So it was stupid to keep it because I never shoot at its peak of f/4


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The new Canon 85/1.2 Mk II is a fantastic piece of glass IMO. I think it is significantly better than the older version, but cost $600 more. You can get it for $2,100. I am planning to get one soon.