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Canon FD Lens on Sigma SD , Any chance ?


Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forum, I'm from Spain and I apologize in advance for my bad English. I Have recently changed my Canon 40D with a Sigma SD14 and am very happy with the image quality of the Foveon . I do chiefly Macro .
My biggest problem with Sigma is the lack of adapters for other mounts lenses , I've made a homemade adapter Canon FD - Sigma SA and I use it to mount the camera in Canon FD bellows for macro shots . But I have great FD mount lenses as the Tokina 90 / 2,5 Macro and I would like to use them focusing to infinity for portraits and "no macro" photography . Has anyone tried this ? What is the best way to do it ? Changing the lens mount or the the camera mount ? Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards !


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I have seen it both ways...personally for Nikon F lenses and Leica R lenses...I changed the mount on the camera...Since SD14 are relatively cheap...I think that would be the better way to the lenses are still usable on other systems....but if you are going to just shoot Sigma SA now...then for a better might be better to convert the mount on the lenses...

A good machine shop...a few cheap FD lenses and SA lenses will be needed to make a mold...then you sould be good to go...

I look forward to hearing which way you went on this...Canon has some really remarkable lenses for FD the 85 f0.95 lens...I have been wanting to play with one of these since I heard about them...

Good Luck....Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


Thanks Tony , but I think it's not as easy as it sounds , I have the FD plate and is slightly smaller than the SA plate and screw holes do not match , in addition FD lens has a Flange Back of 42mm and the Sigma has 44mm. Therefore I must remove 2mm from somewhere ... hmmmmm :confused:

Regards !


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Without major surgery, the is not much hope for infinity focus. Even on the EOF EF lense based camera, the adapter requires optics to correct the focal distance to allow focusing at infinity. The thought that does come to mind is to take an FD to EF adapter, and machine the EF side to fit the SA mount. I once looked into a straight EF conversion for my SD14. Cheaper to go buy a canon body.


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Ambaker , as I said I made a FD-SA adapter with a short FD extension tube and adapter M42-SA , with this I can use my FD lenses for close work . The problem is that to achieve infinity focus with a FD lens I have to subtract 2 mm from somewhere or put another way is to "sink" the lens on the camera body ...and what the adapter makes is just the opposite , separate the lens from the sensor . By the way I've got infinity focus using a converter FD 1,4X bit I do not like to put extra glass because it always remains quality ... the only thing I can think of is to sell my FD lenses and buy M42 because I think it will be impossible to use them in Sigma ...

Regards !