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Canon Flash use for general shots



I have used nikon for a while and am used to Nikon's flash system and wanted some feedback on what Canon users think about using Canon's flash system for ex&le, Do most Canon users use it in "M" manual mode, "P" mode?, also I am talking about handheld general picture taking. As well as feedback on the results in each mode and how they differ. Thanks!


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> I have used it in the "P" mode especially as "fill-in" flash to get rid of > the dark shadows in eye sockets, under the nose, etc. It works very well > and the resulting photos look very natural.


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Hello Lee,

Here is a link to a website that will tell you all you ever want to know about flash photography with the Canon EOS system:

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Has anyone used Metz flash units on the EOS cameras? They seem to offer more features and output. Top of the line for Canon or Metz are in the range of $350-$385.


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>[I have a Metz 40MZ-2 with appropriate adaptor which I bought a few yers >ago and it works very well.

> Yes!, Yes! I bougt first a Metz 32MZ3 with 3101 shoe working very nice, the TTL option is very accurate. Later I found a 54MZ3 with 3102 shoe that allows to workwith E-TTL with more power, strobo function and modeling. Both flash units work very fine with my Elan 7E. Here in Mexico Metz is more expensive than Canon 550EX but the performance and quality of Metz are quite better.