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Canon PowerShot G9


New Member
I have a canon G9 digital camera and I would like to put a date/time stamp on photos while shooting. How to do this? Anybody knows about this, please kindly help me.


New Member
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The camera automatically puts the date and time in the EXIF information. You can view it in most editing programs, such as Photoshop. You can also view it in My Pictures by going to the folder the photo is located in, then right click on the thumbnail and when the menu opens, select "Properties". The date and time will be shown next to the word "Created". Hope this helps.


New Member
Thank you Bob183.

Yes, it automatically puts date/time in EXIF. And we can easily check its date/time by most graphics viewers or editors. But what I really need is showing date/time on photos, and after we developed photos, we can see date/time on photo papers. Currently, I can do it manually by coping date/time in EXIF and putting into photos one-by-one. It takes me a lot of time. I need the camera automatically put date/time into photos.

Hope you know how to do.