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Canon Software


New Member
Does anyone know what the work flow for using the Fileviewer utility software that comes with the 300D is ment to be. Coming from Nikon 4500 when the CF card is inserted into the PC all files are moved (COntents of card deleted) over to a newly created folder in a selected directory which can be accessed with whatever application you want to use for editing. With canon are we supposed to maualy make a new folder for each time we sync a CF card? What happens to the named directory on the CF card. Help
I recently purchased the Canon Digital Rebel aka 300D.
The camera will automatically create a directory every 100 pics. You much move/copy them to your PC. If you do a move then the camera will take care of the directories on the CF card.

It is very simple and easy to use the CF card with the Canon camera.

You do NOT have to create or format anything to start using the CF card in the camera. I just inserted the card and started shooting.

Have fun with your camera.

I am.


New Member
Can anyone help please? I have a EOS 300D but have lost the "EOS Digital Solution Disk Ver.6" that came with the camera. I now have a new computer and need the software (File viewer utility, Zoombrowser, Remotecapture, and WIA driver). I've drawn a blank at the Canon websites - all they seem to offer is the updates, not the original software, and am therefore stuck!


Active Member
I have that disk (v6.1). Is there a particular application from it you want? I have a hi-speed modem. Is it possible for me to send it to you as an attachment?

Mary Lou