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Capture NX question.

John Fagan

New Member
Greetings everybody!
I wondered if anybody has any experience of this problem with Capture NX?
My problem is that when I submit images to one particular image library the IPTC data does show up in the file. The image library constantly complain that they cannot find the metadata when they receive my images.
I submit my images either on CD/DVD or with a flash drive and I also double
check that the metadata is present before sending off the images.
The image library tells me that when they open up the images in Photoshop
that they cannot see any information.The image library works exclusively
with Apple Macs and I process using a PC running Vista.They are know
wondering if there is some compatibility issue with Mac versus PC and are just as baffled as I am.
I wondered if any of you might be able to throw some light on the problem?
Best wishes