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Carl Zeiss Contax and Kyocera what are their relationship


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Recently, a lot of people here express their anger to contax. I share with these feeling too, seeing a great name contax losing it battle in the digital world is fustrating. However, The more I think about it, the more I don't understand, why Kyocera seem not to be care at all regarding the brand Contax!
Does anyone know who own contax?
What is the deal between Carl Zeiss and Kyocera?
If Kyocera has only the right to manifcuture Contax, then every explain, it explain why Kyocera is so passive with contax. It explain why the marketing policy is so so so so bad (I can not imagine anything worse)
if it was true that Kyocera has only limited right to contax, then instead of writting to Kyocera, shouting to them they should do some more with contax, we should shout to CZ instead! so back to the original question, does anyone know the relationships between Carl Zeiss, Contax and Kyocera?



Ben, you bring up questions that I have been mulling over, too. Here's my uneducated guess: since Kyocera has done such a poor job developing & marketing the N-system, I think Zeiss is withholding any new lens designs (wideangles & medium tele's) until Kyocera gets their act together. Kyocera is either diligently working to rectify this situation (in time for fotokina?), or they are sitting on their hands & pouting in the corner, not admitting they have lost face. If nothing happens soon, I wouldn't be surprised to see Zeiss looking for a new partner to give the rights to the Contax name. This may be a problem, since all the major SLR manufacturers have their own agendas & working agreements.


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Leon, if what you say is correct, then we will see soon that a new manufacturer phasing in (Sony?) and the old manufacturer phasing out (kyocera), and if that is the case, then may be it is advisable to hang on with the investment with contax, and wait a bit for the new one when it is taking over?