Carl Zeiss Jena Stepup ring with Skylight filter built in



Hi everyone,

Just purchased a Carl Zeiss Jena Step up ring. But its not just that, it has also a 1A skylight filter built in (look at the pictures).
Has anyone ever seen such? On the ring it says "SL". I guess that stands for Single layer or "Single coated". Should I wory about using it because it is single coated (if that is what it means,that is)or is it ok. I have made some pictures with it together with mine 35mm/2.8 and it looks great.
Is there in general a (noticeable) difference between Single- and Multicoated?




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Hi Jeroen,
That looks a very interesting accessory. It would seem a pretty unusual idea to build in a filter to a step up ring unless maybe it's just to allow the use of a larger lens hood on the filtered lens?
Multi coating is usually better than single coating at resisting flare but if you are in a situation where flare is not likely to be a problem you should find the single coating to be fine. I have heard it said that putting any filter on the front of a lens with e.g Zeiss T* coating obviates the benefit of that superb coating.


Hi Jeroen,

I have one of these Zeiss Jena Step-up Sky-filters. The package has this eastern Europe cheap feeling, but the filter seems to by OK. I use normally only original Contax filters (I admit: mostly because they look nice on my nice Zeiss lenses!), but the Zeiss Jena thing here also works great.

I have a Zeiss (Germany!) Polar filter too, which has a build-in 55-58 mm step-up. I haven't found out what this should be used for, but to avoid mounting of the Contax metal hood system! Hope somebody here can help!

BCZR, Karsten