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Carrying bags for Contax 645



Does anyone have any experience with the Contax 645 factory bag? I have a few camera bags in different styles including backpacks. But none of them seems to be a perfect fit. I am look for one that I can carry the C645 outfits with MP-1 grip, room for additional 1 or 2 lens, extra film back, and a Polaroid back. Any comments on soft or hard cases will be appreciated.


Hi Albert,I use the Lowe Pro street & Field bag, this ls a soft bag about 45cm X 35cm X 20cm. The back gas a harness built in so you can use it as a back pack or carry by the handle. I can fit the camera and 3 lenses + 2 spare backs and film. Not sure which model it is but have used it for 3 years and it is a very good all round bag.
Regards Bob


New Member
This is a new reply to an old post. But I figure it will help someone in the future. I tried as many bags as I could and ended up with a Domke F1-X, "a little bit bigger" bag. It'll hold the 645 with 80mm attached, the 140, 45, TLA 360 a meter, polaroid back and a few other things film included. Overall a nice, inconspicous bag.


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I have purchased a contax 645 bag and retrun it for a delsey pro-1 bag. Much better design, built quality, and more room for lenses and accesories. Much much better.