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Case with grip for RTS II


New Member
Hi! I just got an RTS II from Andrey (great sale!) and I'm loving it! One gripe I have is that I can't seem to grip the camera very well. I have a Leica M6 and a Eveready case for it, which I find really useful. I really like it because the bottom half of the case protects the body while allowing for all the knobs and levers to be accessible. There are also some sort of grip that gets incorporated into it, which helps the stability.

So I'm just wondering if such a case is available? If not, what do you think is a good alternative?



Well-Known Member
Gripe about grip, eh!

Apart from possible 3rd party solutions (as in your M6 alternative grip suppliers), you have 3 other solutions.

No. 1 - the bottom half of the (N)ever-ready case.


My rather battered case has protected the RTS II quite well. The case acts as a small "grip".

No. 2 - a proper grip - the W3 winder (Hmmmm - triple chocolate!)


Naturally, it has a suitable (N)ever-ready case.


No. 3 - the DIY solution

Contax made a small grip for the 137MD and 137MA.


The following shots show how someone has neatly(?) adapted the adapter to fit an RTS/RTSII.


Note 1: It does not foul the controls.


Note 2: It does not protrude beyond the baseplate.


The procedure seems to be:

Remove the flat rubber cover off top plate. Undo the screws holding the top plate to the bottom plate. Drill a 1/4" clearance hole, 15mm inboard of existing hole in the top plate. Drill a small (!) hole (seen here upper right, bare metal) to allow for foot(screw) on RTSII base plate. The mechanic here has rather overdone it!


File or cut a suitable curved clearance section out of the base extrusion. The original knurled screw can be used, but requires a larger curve to be cut. Using a smaller 1/4 knurled screw will allow you to remove less material. Paint exposed metal and re-assemble.


All in all, the DIY-jobber who did this, has made quite a nice RTS grip. It allows the grip to still be used on a (my beloved's) 137MA (don't tell her I've been fiddling with her gear to take these pics!)

Having just received a nice unadapted 137 grip attached to a very sad 137MD (sorry Paul
), it is possible that the above adapted grip may be available for sale/trade.

Now, I'd better hide all the evidence that I have been playing with my better half's gear .... still, she might get a nice newer grip out of it! Oh! If anyone is interested ..... larger images are available off-forum etc.

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.