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Centering of elements in lenses



I read through the german photo magazine ColoFoto and saw their lens test section. Each lens was tested for sharpness, vignetting, distorsion and centering (zentrirung). Each category was treated seperately. Some lenses have good sharpness values and bad centering values.

My question is, does bad centering of the elements result in decreased sharpness?

I have a feeling that if the elements are not centered properly the light rays would not be focused correct.


The ColorFoto magazine recently is using the same ZEISS K-8 MTF meter as being use at the Zeiss plant. A precise centering of all lens elements is of vital importance for the overall quality of lenses. ZEISS only is giving data sheets out showing the overall qualities of their lenses. Finally, the quality of centering of lense is making the final price. ZEISS and LEICA lenses are usally have the best centering qualities of all lens manufacturer in the world. Quality control makes the price!

Regards, Rainer