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Changing film mid-roll


New Member
Hi everyone,
First post here but I just got my Contax 645 and am quite excited about joining this lil' club.
Anyways.. might be a silly question but I'd jut like to verify that I can change the back mid-roll by re-inserting the dark slide then detaching the back.
Then with another back, I can attach it to the camera and continue shooting using a different film.
And when I reattach the initial back, I can continue shooting where I left off?


Well-Known Member
Interchangeable backs

I have just got my first film back from my 645, and have not tried changing backs mid film yet, but there is no real point in having interchangeable backs if you can't change mid film. I presume that it will still manage to cope if it has auto-sensed the film speed.



New Member
Haha.. yea, realised just how silly the question is after I posted it and thought about.
I found it in the manual actually and as expected.. its all good to change backs mid-roll.


Well-Known Member
Just part of the joy of shooting in Medium Format. Sometimes I will have four backs loaded with C-41, E-6, B&W and IR film and shoot the same subject without moving the tripod. Neat to have such a selection when you get home.