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Checkout Dellcom for a super deal on Canon S9000



List price is 499.95.

Dell has it for 349.95 (same price as the s900). Use a coupon to take another 10% off and 1/2 shipping.

Got mine for 318. This is a steal. Dell probably had a price mistake.

Do not wait for tomorrow morning. Go to check it right now!


Btw for those who dont know the S9000 is canon's top of the line photo printer.


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My brother has the S9000 (picked it up for 250 euro brand new). I have the epson 1290s. For all intents and purposes I am more than happy with the print quality from both, but the canon wins hands down on speed. I printed out two 5x7 colour prints at 1440dpi onto a glossy kodak A4 sheet on my epson and it took just over 23 minutes!!!