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CLA for SRT 101



SRT 101 ----I'm new to the site, so please bear with me. I was recently given an SRT 101 and need info on where I can have it inspected and repaired, if necessary. It looks like brand new, but I want to have it checked, meter calibrated, etc. before running film through it. I somehow have the distinct feeling that no matter what the problem, if there is even a problem, will result in about $120 - $150 repair bill. Hope you can advise me where to look for reasonable costs and good service.



Hi Bernard,

I would contact Minolta directly. They can give you a judgement about the costs. I just opened this new thraed for you and moved your message here, since we had no SRT 101 thread before.

Maybe someone else had a similar problem with his one and can help you...



And here is a picture for the ones (incl. me) who did not know this model yet:




Hi Bernard, have you had the SRT checked out yet? This was a groundbreaking camera when it was introduced with CLC metering at wide-open aperture. I bought one in 1969 soon after it was available here, in Singapore and it is still in my keeping.
BTW, the photo Dirk has so kindly posted is of a later model. The earlier versions had a black shutter dial, with finer vertical friction grooves.


For repairs on Minolta cameras contact John Titterington have used his services and he does great work at a reasonable price.I own srT-101 and XE-7.Jim.


Hello to all,
I am also new and would like some input on a srt 201. I here alot about the srt 101 but not so much on the 201. Why is that?


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Minolta released many models in the SR T range.

The SR T 101 was the most produced and marketed, the other models were "improvements" and marketing specials.

The numbers can be 100 to 303 and almost any combination inbetween, including some models with only letters, such as SC.

They are all great cameras, but features and benefits vary between models, and some cameras with the same model numbers sometimes have different features.

Are you looking at an SR T 201 to purchase?

Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise Monahon -
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I used to be a camera repairman. Do a minor check on the shutter by opening the back and run the shutter through each speed while looking at a white object through the back of the camera. It should not stick, and should show the different speeds. Your meter if set at asa 100-125 should show an aprox. shutter speed of 1/125 sec @ f16, on a bright sunny day. If that all checks out, take the lens off and check the diaphragm by flipping the small rod sticking out the back. The diaph. should open and close quickly with no sticking. If all of the above works, it should give you good results, and the best thing you can do is run a test roll of film through it. You'll have to do it sooner or later anyway.


hi all, i'm a college student at Central Washington University and i'm taking a photography class this coming quarter. my grandfather gave me his Minolta srt 101 so i wouldnt have to buy a new camera that i dont have the money for. unfortunatly he didnt have the manual for it. i was wondering/hoping someone out there might have it and be able to scan it and email it to me. thanks a bunch :)


Also, on the bottom is a switch, ON-OFF-BC. BC stands for battery Check. With a new battery (I'm using a PX625A)installed, turn the switch to BC with your finger. In the viewfinder, the pointed needle should be near the square shaped object. The needle with the circle should move when either the shutter speed or the aperture is changed.

Now turn switch to ON, go outside on a sunny day and set the film speed dial to ASA 200, shutter speed to 250 and f-stop to f 16. Look through the finder at a well lit scene, and the two needles should be right on top of each other (when you press and release the button on the side of the lens mount. It toggles in and out.)

If all the above work, you have just checked out all the functions you need, the rest is obvious, film winds ahead, shutter opens and closes...

p.s. the battery I use is not the right voltage but it's close enough for me as the automatic film processing machines correct the wrong exposure the X625A battery provides.

p.s. I have two SRT101s I/m using and two on hand for spare parts.


Hi, I recently aquired two well used SRT 101's. They both work very well, except the meter coupler on one sticks. Is this because it is dirty or does it have a worn out spring? Any suggestions on how to fix this?


If you are talking about the "aperture coupling ring" on the front of the camera body that rotates as you change the aperture setting of the lens, it's probably dirt. The pin (on the ring) is located beneath the letters CLC, the "lens aperture ring" (on the lens) rotates the pin as you change f-stop. With the lens off the camera, you will see 4 screws that hold the "aperature coupling ring" on to the front of the camera body. Loosen the screws about 3 turns, and see if the pin moves freely and returns freely (with the lens off.) If loosening the screws work, you have dirt or corrosion in there. Worse would be bent parts.
NOW A WARNING or TWO not lose the screws, they should stay in if only loosened 3 turns, but be prepared, they can disappear in a rug.
b. the ring is connected inside to a string that snakes up into the camera top, if that comes loose because the 4 screws fall out and the ring comes away from the body, you will need a neurosurgeon to get the camera working again. .
c. oil may make it worse


I know this is an old thread, but it seems like the best place to echo James McCluskey's comment (above) about John Titterington.

Based on James's comment, I contacted Mr. Titterington about my SRT-101. For a VERY reasonable price, John repaired the locked mirror and then... did a whole bunch of other stuff we hadn't discussed -- calibrated the shutter, recalibrated the light meter to run on 1.5V cells, et cetera -- all at the original price!!!

This guy is a GEM! As soon as I finish up the roll of film that's in my SRT-201, it's going off to John for a CLA. So, if you need a repair or CLA on an SRT, he's the one. Highly competent. Honest. Quick. Can't give enough props.