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Cleaning a Zuiko Digital 50mm Macro


New Member
Hi all, I've been lurking here for quite some time, it's a very nice forum. Anyhoo, as I was changing over lenses today, I noticed a speck of dust inside (I think) my Zuiko 50mm macro. As a result, I have several questions -

1) Is it possible to get the lens cleaned?
2) Does it affect the performance of the lens?

In regard to 1), I'm not keen on having a look inside the lens myself, so I'm guessing I would have to send it off to get professionally serviced, correct?

In regard to 2), I've taken a few shots of clear sky and gone through on the compy trying to pick up this little speck, but I can't see anything abnormal.

Here is a link to a picture I've taken of the offending piece of dust -
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I hope this helps!