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Close-Up-Lens for the 18-200 DC OS ...

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Hi All,

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, Uwe and I worked on options, to turn the 18-200mm OS-lens in an AL-OS MACRO lens. There I did some tests with a SIGMA macro-tube from Uwe's production.

Well, today an idea struck me. :)

I never had considered going for a close-up-lens for macro purposes, since everybody says it does not really produce considerable image quality?!

Coincidently, I found a magnifying glass and just held it in front of the 18-200mm OS-lens. It looked at least interesting! :)

Then I noticed, that the lens exactly had the right diameter to be fitted to the 18-200mm OS-lens.

I then took an old 72mm filter-ring and fitted it to the magnifying lens ... that was it!

sample 5.jpg sample 6.jpg

sample 3.jpg

Unfortunately, I have not got any technical data about my reading-glass construction. :)

However, image results are surprisingly acceptable .....:z04_photos:

sample 2.jpg sample 1.jpg

Important to know .... thanks to the OS, the right shot could be managed with 1/10s @ 173mm focal length FREEHANDED!

So it should be possible to do macros in very dimly lit situations with neither the necessity of a tripod nor of a flashlight.

Different to the macro-tube test results, you can use all focal lengthes with the reading-lens close-up - construction.

But .... the macro-tube offers a much wider range of possible focus-distances. As mentioned in the other thread, you can focus from 5cm up to 3.5m distance (2 inches up to ca. 10ft)

with the close-up lens you are limited to close distances in front of your lens.

See you with nice pictures