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Closeup filters unmentionable


I've recently purchased a G2 kit and have read lots of posts about the lack of macro capabilities being a big drawback for the G2 lenses - especially when compared to SLR's. Does anyone use or would anyone here consider using a higher quality closeup filter (like B+W), or is it treason to suggest it?


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Assuming you can a find a close up lens for the G2, how would you compensate for parallex. The range finder has a separate viewing lens, the closer the camera is to the subject, the worst it becomes. If you were say six inches away from your subject, what you see in the viewfinder would not be what your lens would be looking at. In my view, there are two great things SLR's are great for which the range finder cannot do--- macro and long lenses. Within those parameters, you have a wonderful light weight camera with some of the best lenses made for any any 35mm system. Depending upon your subject matter is, that accomodates about 95%-98% of my picture needs.

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> Ron

I have to agree with Howard.

If you feel the need for macro, buy a used SLR and go for it. The G series just won't do that easily.

I suppose you could get the exposure right, because that is through the lens, but you couldn't look through the finder and see what you were doing.

On the other hand, the G2 produces wonderful pictures, especially compared with some older SLR's, as I found out a few days ago. I had gotten used to the G2 results and was surprised to see the results from a non-Contax SLR. Good, perhaps, but not what I was used to.




thanks guys,
I guess I got carried away when I saw 46mm B+W closeup lenses for sale and assumed they were for the G2. I understand now how there's really no way to use them effectively on the camera. But I did keep my SLR, so it's not a big deal.