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Colour filters



I use an R4s with lenses 19mm, 50mm, 80mm + 180mm. Although I use uv, I've always preferred not to use the usual light colour filters, e.g. yellow, orange etc. & maybe modern b&w films, like Kodak Tmax 100, don't really need them. I'd welcome any views/comments.


Modern film still requires filters under same conditions as the old ones, i.e. red and green show the same shade of grey. To separate, use a red or green filter.

To darken a blue sky, not some hazy overcast one, a yellow, orange, or red are required.


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I totally agree with the sentiments expressed here. I use a Yellow K1, Yellow K2, Light Orange and a Light red for B&W work and although Leica say that a UV is unnecessary I use one for Kodachrome work mainly to protect the front element of my Summicron lenses.

I find B&W filters to be very good quality and I am happy to recommend them