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Comparison Leica DMR vs Canon 1Ds Mark II



Uwe Steinmüller made some comparison shots between the Leica DMR and the Canon 1Ds Mark II

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Summary: "Before we got this DMR s&le we heard many negative comments based on pre-production s&les. The DMR we have in our hands does not disappoint at all. We think Leica delivered what they promised with the DMR."


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Could be a very long wait.

Digi-SLR is much easily to make. Digi-M has many problems. The wide angle lenses are very near the sensor, the light hit the sensor at a very acute angle, while digi-SLR does not have this problem. This is why RD-1 has a crop factor to solve part of this problem.


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There's an easy way around that: just make the digi-M's body deeper. With that, you don't have to worry about crop factor or light distoration on the sensor. The solution is easy; I just wonder why Leica hasn't started this yet.


Bill, your solution does not work.

The necessary registration distance of the M cameras, i.e. the distance between the lens flange (or the rearmost lens element) and the film plane is very short.

If you increase the distance between the lens and the film or the sensor, it acts like an extension tube - you can't focus to infinity any more. And what's the point of a digital M if you can't use M lenses?


-Topi Kuusinen, Finland


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Hey Topi -- Hmm... good point. What's the point of making a digi-M if you can't get a true focal length? Leica, I guess,will have to make a dedicated digital body not something like the digi-R back. You can probably put a full-size chip in front and the "guts" behind with a dedicated digi-M body. And better yet, the body will still be deeper.

On a different tack, why not make the Digilux 2 body the digi-M?


I've got mine! My early issue R8 had to go back to Jersey for modification, but now it works just fine. I have several good shots, but have trouble with focus and with on camera review because of my 83 year old eyes. I also had to work from the PDF version of the manual in order to understand the operation. So far I cannot set Push-1600, nor can I get exposure bracketing to run off a series. Works fine as three hits on the shutter. (Hit is the wrong word.)
My other digital is a Canon Pro-1. From two years experience with the Pro-1 I think that I would like to see an R camera with LCD viewfinder.


There's a huge thread in Fred Miranda about the DMR in the Canon forum


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I think here is the Fred Miranda thread that DJ talked about, it has s&le pics and 122 pages of discussion (and some BS).

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BTW, for those are not familar with FM, you need to be registered to read the thread.