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Compatibility w 5400HS flashguns lenses


New Member
My wish is that the new Dynax Digital SLR will be fully compatible with the 35mm Dynax range, including the lenses and flash-guns (with wireless mode) I am currently using with my Dynax 600si Classic. I've got four 5400HS flashguns, and have found these incompatible with the 7i and A1 cameras, which is very dissapointing.

The only reason I would be looking at getting the new Minolta digital SLR would be so that I could continue using it with the gear I already have. If I have to replace either the lenses or the flashguns, I will then be looking at building a whole new system, and I would then choose my camera based on whatever brands and cameras are available on the market.

I like my Minolta setup very much, and getting a Dynax Digital SLR to add to my system would be absolutely brilliant. It would slot perfectly in to my setup, because I'm shooting in a studio, using my Minolta flashguns (with the build in wireless functionality) as my lightsources, as these are quite powerful. It would mean I could shoot one roll of film, then shoot some digital, without having to touch the lights at all. It would mean I could probably stay with Minolta for a long long time to come, which would be good for both myself and for Minolta.



New Member
Canon has screwed it's users as well the newer bodies aren't compitable with the older flash guns. The reason why your 5400HS don't work with the 7i & A1 cameras (and I'll bet the digital 7) is that the cameras require a preflash to be fired to sort out the exposure. You can use them in manual mode however.

Think about this if you left minolta and went to another system you're going to have to purchase new flashes andyway.


New Member
I have many flash guns before investing on 56000
5400 x 2

I really hate this.
KM can find a way out


> Do you really need the 5600D? As far as I can tell it is a very slightly more powerful 5400 with the ability to use the Distance based metering. Do you need this? My decision process was this. "Before the D was available, did I spend every shoot wishing I had the function? Answer No, therefore I am happy with my 5400."

You will never keep up with upgrades and updates. If it ain't broke, don't upgrade is my philosophy!