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Compulsory crop of the Imacon 646 holder


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This information could be useful for those who likes scanning with Imacon.

If you look at the size of the Flextight holder, it wrote 35X24. If you measure it, it is actually 35X23.5.

If you measure the size of the negatives, they vary. For my Contax RX, it measures 36X24. For my Leica MP, it measures 36.5X24.

If I scan the negatives from my MP in my Imacon, there is a compulsory crop of at least 1.5mm X 0.5mm.

For a wide angle lens about 90 degree, 1.5mm reduction in negatives means 3-4 degrees reduction in the angle of view.

What I did was to make the size of the holder bigger. I cut the black magnetic sheet with a simple cutter. The flexible metal sheet is made of steel like material, in the end I used a 30000rpm hand drill with diamond burr to enlarge it.

In the end, the prints from my Zeiss M 25 2.8 looks like coming from ZM 21. Before the cutting, it used to look like coming from ZM 28.