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Computer wont recognise camera


New Member
I have a Nikon coolpix 2500 digital camera and
after not using this camera for a while, I find that my computer (Windows XP
Home) will not recognise it. I get a 'new hardware found wizard when i
turn the camera on and follow
instructions till I get a message saying :

'the file ;ptpusd.dll' on (Unknown) is needed' type the path where the file
is located

I can't find the file anywhere.
I downloaded and installed drivers from - still no joy
any ideas?
I think its a windows problem, I have service pack 1 installed.


Hello Steve

A *dll file is a library file necessary for the software to work properly.

I would proceed as following;
1) Clean the operating system - from all the "crap" you do not need.
2) go for the latest update on your operating system
3) uninstall your Nikon software
4) restart your computer
5) install the Nikon software & drivers

IMHO it should work afterwards.

kind regards from the centre of France