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Concert @ 800iso + wide-open

here some of my first pics with my new (and first digicam) sd 14 and 18-50 f2.8 ex macro . High iso and foveon don't go well together is often said; yet I must say was pleased with my results of my sd14 on 800iso .
The whole concert quasi fixed setting :1/20-1/40@2.8 (manual focus).
Opinions ?


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Hey Patrick,

Nice shots, look forward to seeing more of your work. That 18-50 f2.8 is one of my favorite lens.



Well-Known Member
Great shots, Patrick!.
I love them all, nice results even at so high ISO.

Best Wishes

Thanks for the kind reply, BobTN and Jesito much appriciated,
after the 'festifities' i'll get back to sigmauserforum,
take care,


New Member
Those turned out very well, I think you should be encouraged by the results.

Did you find focusing manually to be fairly easy? I use a lot of M42 lenses and am finding it a bit tough. When I was younger and my eyes were better, it was no problem, but age seems to be having its effects.

I've ordered one of the Pentax viewfinder magnifiers that were suggested here to see if it helps.



Well-Known Member
Patrick, I've been meaning to respond to your concert pics, better late than never, eh?

No problem with high ISO when the SD14 is in the right hands. :)

You sure look like you know what you're doing.

Sincere regards, Jim R
Manual focus

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Thanks Robert,
Untill a month ago I used Contax Y/C mount o.a S2 fully manual body spotmetering(still in love with it and the deep blacks of diapositives) with o.a. zeiss 50 mm 1.4 -maybe the sigma 30 1.4 may do wonders for you?- I found the sd14 can also used similary o.a. manual focus is helped by it's bright viewfinder (with contax I was spoiled with clear viewfinders) and the 2,8 opening of my lens :
rather shallow DOF and sufficiant lightgathering power .
Greetings Patrick
I know your a keen photographer

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I know you are a keen photographer, so I value your opinion a lot ...
I'm only a month 'fully' digital (foveon sigma was the only option to let my diapositives go and C. Rytterfalk the final drop...) So now I 'm trying to get my 'workflow' organised . (Got 'Lightzone' from my scanning days and searching to get the right rawdevelopper on my Mac mini : ssp 3.2 ok but runs so slow, rawdevelopper or Raw photostudio alternative ?

Greetings Patrick


Well-Known Member
I can't help with your RAW software decision, Patrick, as I only use SPP and Photoshop, which are both resource hungry beasts!

Others might be able to chime in here. If not, Klaus will be back from holidays in the new year.

Sincere regards, Jim R.

Guest .

Hi Patrick,

nice pictures!! :z02_respekt:

The SIGMAs are no HIGH ISO miracles but much better than always said.

Considerable HIGH ISO-results strongly depend on the user's ability to do with the X3F-RAW-files. You seem to be handy with it!

I did a thread on HIGH ISO digital processing as well ....

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... have a look, if you like ....

See you with nice pictures

Hallo Klaus,
Thank you for your reply . As I am a novice with digicams I search the web for inside information on sigma/foveon . I read your thread(s) already and I'm finding your "down-to-earth-approach" most helpfull in mastering the X3F-raw-files to simply getting (technical) better pictures . Beginning to understand noise and looking back at my concertpics I start to see the specific (disturbing)colornoise of my sigma more and more . I am trying some developers out and I 'll reply on this matter by your thread .


Active Member
Very nice images Patrick! The art and science of High ISO is something i am yet to try out with my SD14 :)

Thanks for the images!


Your concert pictures are very nice. How do they look if you did them in BW. They would have that Beatle look from the Early Rock and Roll Era.



The level of picture quality you`ve achieved is really astounding !

Did you get those unsuable/non-correctable yellowish pictures with very strong noise too when the lighting is full tungsten 3200 Kelvin ? Especially with ISO 400 and higher this is annoying and makes SD14 useless in those situations...